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Only You Can Take Your Country Back; Now!!!

Nigerians over the years have had so many bad governments, whether during the military regime or in this current democratic dispensation that began in the year 1999, after so many years of military dictatorships and coups, and more importantly, a military coup which toppled a democratically elected government and got so many innocent Nigerians imprisoned without trial.

Nevertheless, history will never forgive us and posterity will definitely condemn us if we fail to teach our children and inform Nigerians in general about the atrocities committed by these people, especially that of Muhammadu Buhari who was in fact one of the worse military dictators in Nigeria, whose fascist government and narcissistic character gruesomely subjected Nigerians, unfortunately, to gross cruelty with impunity.

“Buhari enslaved the nation. He gloated and gloried in a master-slave relation to the millions of its inhabitants. It is astonishing to find that the same former slaves, now free of their chains, should clamour to be ruled by one who not only turned their nation into a slave plantation, but forbade them any discussion of their condition.” ~ Prof. Wole Soyinka.

Just as it is today, so it was in the military era, except that the two other arms of government, the press, and rights activists are at least somewhat free due to democracy

A lot of atrocities have been committed against the Nigerian people and without doubt, it is time for us as a people who have been collectively battered, dehumanized, denigrated, starved, and dejected to rise up, stand as one and take our country back from these oppressors who still live with us and in fact still govern us with ineptitude and feel no remorse whatsoever for their mis-governance and maladministration and the long term retrogression into which they have sunk our dear country.

The government of the day is a government whose corruption fight is only against opposing political voices and persons, it is a government that harbors corrupt politicians within its own party yet go extra miles to bring every political oppositions and even opposing voices of concerned citizens to judgement with lawsuits and imprisonment.

“Driver Get Accident, Na Conductor Buhari Charge Go Court” ~ Fela Anikulapo.

The 2019 general elections is here in less than a month and the people would go vote at the ballot for a new President and a new government, but while we are at it, we have to put into cognizance all the problems facing us in the country which is majorly due to the inept character and the maladministration by our politicians in government over the years.

Hence we have to vote them all out come February 16th, 2019, and take our country back by voting in credible candidates with worthy antecedents who have the will to make our country a great place for us wherein we would have no reason to leave our country and become illegal immigrants in foreign lands, and some becoming victims of xenophobia or ending up in a precarious situation in Libya.


Today, the NEDG/BON 2019 Presidential debate will take place. The APC (Buhari), PDP (Atiku), ANN (Durotoye), ACPN (Ezekwesili) and YPP (Moghalu) are all scheduled to be on stage. However, Sowore Omoyele, the Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress, and Nigeria’s most authentic voice for positive change and national transformation will be conspicuously absent from that stage.

We are disappointed, but not deterred. We recognize that those who have raped and plundered Nigeria for much of the last 58 years will not yield power without a fight. While the debate would have offered us a platform to engage with the Nigerian people, we are encouraged by the fact that although our candidate will not be on the debate stage, his message of hope continues to be passed on to Nigerians on the streets, in market squares, in places of worship and on social media.

The conspiracy to keep the most authentic voice of positive change and transformation away from that debate stage was deep. It began with the fraudulent selection of participants by Channels TV, NEDG and BON, and ended with the refusal of the Chief Judge of the High Court of the FCT, Justice Ishaq Bello, to assign the case to a trial judge.

Along the way, the first trial judge, Justice D. Z. Senchi recused himself from the case, and the UPN, a member party of the APC led Coalition of Progressive Political Parties (CPPP), sought to introduce further delays by filing to join our case.

All these extreme actions were taken because they are afraid. Again we ask question what we have asked before: why is there such an obvious fear of allowing the participation of Omoyele Sowore in the presidential debate? What does the ruling establishment have to hide? We know they do not want us to reveal to Nigerians that the “Next Level” that they are seeking, is a worse level of depravity, ineptitude, nepotism and corruption. They are afraid that what they tell themselves behind closed doors, as Nigerians learned from the revealing confessions that Amaechi made about Buhari and the APC’s views about Nigeria, will be openly exposed to the Nigerian people, on prime time TV.

They are correct to be afraid. Sowore would have spoken truth to power tonight. He would have called out Buhari for his callous indifference and challenged Atiku on his crass corruption. He would have revealed Buhari’s ineptitude in the areas of corruption, security and the economy; and exposed Atiku’s complicity in the systemic degradation of Nigeria and its institutions. But most importantly, he would have shared his clear vision for placing Nigeria on the path to prosperity and growth.

If those who conspired to keep Sowore from that debate tonight believe that by doing so, they would have silenced him – they are making a grave error. Truth can never be crushed. A hurricane cannot be tamed. The Nigerian people have seen a glimpse of a brighter future that Sowore and the AAC will provide to them.

On January 23rd, Nigerians will hear from Sowore at The Candidates, a Town Hall series organized by the MacArthur Foundation. President Buhari and VP Osinbajo were at the forum on the 16th, and Nigerians got to watch a two hour horror movie of the inept set of leaders at the helm of our nation. We will present our case to the Nigerian people at this Town Hall. We ask our supporters and those who seek genuine progress for Nigeria, to tune in to that event.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy. We knew the roads would be rough. We knew the establishment would fight back. We are still here. We are still strong. We will not retreat. We will not surrender. Nigeria’s future is too important. We will continue the fight, and we are confident that on February 16, 2019 the Nigerian people will give their verdict on the debate for Nigeria’s future by voting Omoyele Sowore as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigeria MUST progress!!!

Dr Malcolm Fabiyi
Director General Sowore 2019 Campaign
Deputy National Chairman (Admin), AAC


The reason  why corruption is endemic in Nigeria is because of the way our political parties are formed and funded. It is because of the way they recruit their candidates and the way they get into office.- Omoyele Sowore at the big debate.  

“There is no reason why an average nigerian cannot tell how much we are making in the so called TSA, how much is there on a daily basis. We are entitled to it: how much are we spending; how is money moving? – Omoyele Sowore at the big debate.

One characteristic importance of the 2019 elections is the increased participation of the Nigerian people in the matters of politics. There is also increased national discourse and engagement with more intense scope. The town hall meetings springing across the nation, the number of people that have obtained their PVC, followed political events on social media, and attended political events is telling as regard this submission.

This is arguably linked to the audacious political strides of Omoyele Sowore and the African Action Congress amplifying the truth of the people’s rule in a democracy. This people’s rule is the way Omoyele Sowore’s political ambition has been positioned to engage the Nigerian people. He continue with the political engagement today at the presidential debate organized by Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) ably supported by MacArthur foundation and was graced by five political parties.

Absenteeism of Most Presidential Candidates.

Interestingly, the only party that does not come for this debate is suppose to be the party that fight corruption but they are not here because they want to perpetuate the biggest form of corruption of this era in the next few weeks which is vote buying – Omoyele Sowore at the big debate

APC should come and explain to us how they will fight corruption while their party is padded with the most corrupt people in Nigeria – Omoyele Sowore at the big debate.

Although only two of the six presidential candidates expected showed up for this important debate, five political parties participated in the debate. It is important to note that only President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress, APC, was absent and did not send a representative. This is quite surprising as the central topic of the debate was corruption.

One would expect an eagerness from a person who won the presidential election in 2015 on the promise to fight corruption and currently lead a government with a loud castrated mantra of fighting corruption to cease the stage in order to expound on what the fight has been about and what it intend to achieve in the future.

To adequately think about this, one may consider the fact that on the 12th of January, 2019, neither President Muhammadu Buhari nor Atiku Abubakar was present for the presidential town hall meeting organized to discuss the state of Housing Market in Nigeria.

This was a prestigious event hosted by University of Lagos, an opportunity to showcase the importance of one’s candidacy. But like the case of the Big Debate, both Atiku and Buhari were absent. One, in the least, is therefore tempted to simply say these two individuals have nothing to say about housing and corruption?

The trends of absenteeism from public engagement by these two presidential candidates demand public scrutiny. It suggests they have nothing to tell Nigerians; no ideas to share on the germane issues bedeviling the Nigerian people.

Among the five political parties that participated in the Big Debate are People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alliance Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN) and Youth Progressive Party (YPP). These parties send representatives to speak on their plans to fight corruption.

The Big Debate: Highlights and The Corruption Discourse.

Glowing moments shone through the discourse the debate engenders. The presidential candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP, Tope Fasua, spoke boldly on how technology can be deployed to fix corruption problems. He humorously said broom and umbrella cannot solve corruption problem and alluded to the African Action Congress’s two hands logo as an emblem to be taken seriously.

The debate afforded the debaters opportunity to debunk the claim of the spokesperson of  Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Organization that says it will take time to employ technology in the fight against corruption.

Delving further into the discourse, Sowore declared, “I have worked in the capacity that has fought corruption, as an individual, in the last twelve years”.

He said, “We do not have anything preventive to ensure that corrupt people don’t lay hands on our resources. Most times we go after them after they have taken whatever is available for everybody for themselves.

“Where we try at all, is that of law enforcement. Law enforcement has become theatrical process in Nigeria. It has to be dramatize and at the end of the day the people who are really corrupt never get caught. Even when they are caught, it depends on which part of the aisle they belong.

(We need) …  to ensure that a lot of assets that belong to individuals of the country is also publicly available. The land registry of Abuja, you cannot find it, because the whole of Abuja is own by a few people.

The asset declaration of our public officer should be something you can download without having to go through the eye of a needle.

Omoyele Sowore speaking on corrupt leaders awarded National awards says, the last thing I will say is consequences. Our party and I will remove from everybody who has national award, who are shown in this movie by CDD  today; we will remove all their national awards, take it back from them.