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Buhari’s Decades of Misrule, Lopsided Appointments Fuelling Insecurity, Secession – Falana

A human rights activist, Femi Falana has attributed the security challenges confronting the country and agitations for break-up by several groups to the several decades of the legacy of misrule, lopsided appointments,  bad governance, corruption, and diversion of the commonwealth and anti-people’s policies.

He said killings and kidnapping were on the rise across the country due to the failure of the regime to control the violent attacks on farmers and the destruction of farms by the marauding herdsmen.

Falana stated this on Thursday in Abuja at a Commemorative Anniversary public lecture of 80th Birthday Anniversary of Prof. Omotoye Olorode title ” Labour and the quest for Nigeria’s National Development: Reflection and Prognosis on the Way Forward.

The human rights lawyer noted that it was obvious that the State was not capable of ending kidnapping or rescuing abducted citizens and foreigners thereby forcing family members and friends to pay ransom to the abductors to secure the release of their abducted love ones.

He said the Buhari-led government has run out of ideas and incapable of finding lasting solutions to the worsening security challenge facing the country.

Falana said ” The failure of the regime to control the violent attacks on farmers and destruction of farms by a group bearing AK 47 rifles operating as herders and lopsided appointments by the Buhari administration have fueled the separatist agenda of several groups.

“Despite the programme of its own party for restructuring or power devolution from the center to the other federating units, President Buhari has sworn to defend the status quo. A regime that had negotiated and granted amnesty to terrorists and bandits has rejected the call for dialogue with all separatist bodies in the recent past.

“It is our submission that several decades of a legacy of misrule and bad governance, corruption, and diversion of the commonwealth and anti-people’s policies have led to the ascendancy of insecurity in the country. No part of the country is safe as marauders have been abducting people including undergraduates, secondary school students, and even primary school pupils.

Falana said the country may either break up or engage in a full-scale civil war if the worsening insecurity in all states of the federation and the federal capital territory was not checked.

” Having been overwhelmed by the security challenge the ruling class will not hesitate to sabotage the democratic process or plunge the country into another civil war. No doubt, the central labour unions, and individual trade unions have routinely condemned the booming business of kidnapping.

“Since 2009, the armed forces have been waging the counter-insurgency operations in the northeast region. Realizing that the armed forces are ill-equipped and ill-motivated the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, General Yusuf Buratai has predicted that the war on terror will last for another period of 20 years.

“Since the Nigeria Police Force has been demobilized from maintaining law and order by successive regimes the overstretched armed forces have been deployed and mandated to free many communities that have been overrun by nihilist forces in the various states” Falana stated.

We Swore Oath Never To Tell Nigerians The Truth About How We Print Money – Amaechi

Nigeria’s Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Ameachi was caught on tape admitting that President Muhammadu Buhari has always ordered the Central Bank of Nigeria to keep printing money since the APC assumed office in 2015.

Mr. Buhari who vowed to revamp the Nigerian economy in his campaign promises has been criticized for worsening the economic situation of the country over the past six years of his regime.

In an interview with journalists prior to the 2019 general elections in which Mr. Buhari was re-elected, Mr. Amaechi disclosed that they (Nigerian politicians) swore an oath never to publicly admit to Nigerians that the government was on a printing spree of the national currency;

“And most of you didn’t know at the time we took over, most Nigerians don’t even know because we have sworn to an oath not to tell anybody we were printing money,” Mr. Amaechi said.

“Do you know when a country prints money? When it has no money at all,” he said. “We were just printing money to pay the debt.”

Mr. Amaechi’s comments further exposed the cover-up that has followed Mr. Buhari’s widely condemned approach to the country’s economy, as millions of citizens continue to plunge into poverty. Nigeria has since emerged as the country with the highest number of poor people in the world. The country also has the poorest electricity supply, and the second country with the most jobless people worldwide.

Earlier this year, renowned credit rating institution Fitch said the Nigerian central bank under Mr. Buhari has been printing money at an alarming rate, warning that such tactics could engender additional economic woes for the country’s 200 million people.

Last month, Governor Godwin Obaseki expressed concerns on crude oil revenue, disclosing that the federal government printed an extra N60 billion for states to share in March.


Elections are fast approaching and it is important that Nigerians vote and vote right. Below are some reasons we are sure voting for AAC and Omoyele Sowore is smart and is able to secure for all of us a better society that can support our potentials as a nation.

AAC Party Structure and Operations:

  • Rapid Spread of the Party:

AAC, though just about four months old now, has covered all the 36 states in Nigeria, plus the FCT, and has gained traction as the most viable alternative to the popular traditional political estates of greed and corruption that has not served the Nigerian people since 1999.

  • People Oriented:

The party derives her energy from everyday Nigerians who are not part of the people that create the problem this year elections is about.

  • Crowd Funding:

Legitimacy resulting from crowd funding. How the campaign is funded is verifiable, mainly drawn from everyday Nigerians across the world, and therefore morally poised to serve the interest of the Nigerian people and not the interest of godfathers and godmothers.

  • Politics of Ideas and Ingenuity:

The party is idea driven following her novelty of increased diasporic participation in the Nigeria polity, fostered through town hall meetings spread across the world.

  • Broad and All-encompassing National Discourse:

She has the highest engagement with the Nigerian people through her town hall meetings and she has therefore listened to more Nigerians and can better understand them and their needs.

Zoning (The Seventh Zone): Let’s Zone To The Nigerian People.

      Since 1999, zoning has been exploited as a means to garner votes from the people. The main idea is to raise regional sentiments that has further fractured Nigeria along ethnic lines. But a quick look at the regions that has produced the President in the last 19 years in terms of opportunities generated, access to infrastructures, health services, education, gives no justification for such reasoning. It is, however, clear that the ruling elites in the supposed traditional political parties currently parading septuagenarians as presidential candidates are better off in those years irrespective of what zone or ethnic group they belong.  The guiding principle informing AAC operational choices is the one that zones to the Nigerian people, everyone, everywhere – people who populate the 43% of unemployed and underemployment, people killed or whose relatives are killed by insecurity and poverty, people who can’t access good and affordable health services and are daily milled under poverty grind.

Debunking the Myth

Voting is not just about ousting the incumbent because that has been done before and yet Nigerians remain worse off. It is about improving our society and positioning it to solve our current problems and to meet up with future challenges. Looking at our manifesto and operational choices mentioned earlier, AAC is better prepared and positioned to solve our compounding national problems.