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We have noted COSON’s rejection of the APC and PDP manifestos, due to their disregard for the Nigerian creative sector and their rights. African Action Congress Party notes with great pleasure that Nigerians are starting to question and reject the plagiarized, empty promises being bandied about by President Buhari and Abubakar Atiku in the lead-up to the forthcoming elections.

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) have expressed their utter disappointment that both parties have released manifestos that lack plans to grow or develop the immense talent that exists in the Nigerian creative industry, or indeed any plans to empower the Nigerian youth to measure up to his counterparts in developed nations.

The AAC is not surprised at the disconnect between these parties and the people they hope to lead; we are well aware that neither have solid plans for addressing Nigeria’s issues.

The APC has catalogued three years of failing Nigeria’s young population, doing little to foster growth in any of the areas that are deemed crucial for being a world power. Digital economy has been left to the young, driven men and women to fund while our analogue leaders continue to focus on oil prices and self-enabling medical tourism. Music, film and fashion have continued to thrive within and outside of Nigeria despite the punitive hardships the APC, and the PDP before them, imposed on those sectors.

Similarly, Atiku has never expressed any interest or investment in ideas that can push Nigeria’s blossoming youth industries forward. None of his rhetoric has pointed towards cultural growth or empowerment for the youth and he has evidenced this in his manifesto.

There is a reason why the African Action Congress has risen to such prominence in the few short months since registration. Our manifesto is people oriented and we have the youth, culture, tourism and arts as critical aspects of our economic policy platform. We recognize the important role that culture, music, film and arts play in Nigerian life and grants and investment support is guaranteed for this sector in our platform.

Modern day industries such as technology, digital enterprise and big data are the future and the government must play an intrinsic role in supporting them if Nigeria is to have any place among the leading nations in the world. As indicated in our manifesto, our government will support the growth of these industries.

There is only one manifesto being presented to the Nigerian people with their interests at heart. In order for Nigeria to progress, we must harness the most valuable resource we have – the talent, creativity and hard work-ethic of Nigerians – and put it to use for the betterment of the nation.

We invite Nigerians to read our plans and programs for our people – the future is literally in our hands.


Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR, Media and Communications
Take it Back Movement/African Action Congress Party

Sowore Picks Accomplished Public Health Expert, Dr. Rabiu Ahmed Rufai, as Running Mate

Dr. Rabiu Ahmed Rufai has been selected as the Vice-Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress. Born on July 17th, 1976, Dr. Rufai is a world-class expert in public health intervention. He is from Jigawa State. His areas of expertise include Maternal and Child Health Services, Communicable Disease Prevention & Control, Health Systems Development for Primary Health Care, Health Management, Policy and Planning, Health Economics and Policy Research, Health System Development and Strengthening, Demography, Monitoring & Evaluation of Health Programs, Medical Statistics and Epidemiology.

Dr Rabiu’s impressive qualifications include a medical degree (MBBS) from Bayero University, Kano and Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Leeds University UK. He is a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians (FWACP) and also a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (FRSPH). He is a member and Associate Fellow of the West African Postgraduate Medical College, a Member and Associate Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria and a Member of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

An accomplished academic and medical practitioner, Dr Rufai was the pioneer Dean of the School of Public Health at Federal University Dutse from 2014 to 2015, while also serving as an Honorary Consultant Public Health Physician at the Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kudu. From 2011 to 2013, he was a lecturer and Head of Health Policy and Health System Strengthening Unit as well as the Health management, Policy and Planning Unit at Bayero University / Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Kano, while also serving as Honorary Consultant Public Health Physician.  Dr Rufai served as Registrar and Senior Registrar (I, II) at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital from 2007 to 2011.

During his National Youth Service at the State Specialist Hospital, Akure, Ondo State from 2006 to 2007, Dr Rufai served as an attending Physician at General Out-patient, Paediatrics & Casualty Units. From June 2005 to December 2005 he served as a House Officer at both the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital, Kano, and the Specialist Hospital Bauchi, Bauchi State.

Dr Rufai has received multiple awards internationally for his outstanding work in the field of public health. For over a decade, he has worked tirelessly on primary health care in Nigeria, bringing contemporary practices to the field of maternal and child health, tuberculosis, HIV, environmental health and many of the tropical diseases ailing our people.

Well-travelled and well read, Dr. Rufai embodies that rare combination of first world knowledge and indigenous passion. He has given his entire life and career to serving Nigeria’s least privileged at the grass roots level and demonstrated a readiness to lay his life on the line to ensure that national well-being, backed by good governance is established in Nigeria.

Speaking on the choice of Dr Rufai, AAC Presidential Candidate, Omoyele Sowore said, “in our bid to work on Nigeria’s multifaceted challenges and proffer solutions that will create a true giant out of our nation, we have always believed that health care, population health and health economics, ranks alongside national security and power, as critical areas that a serious government must address. I can think of no one more qualified than Dr Rufai to spear head that aspect of our agenda. Health is Wealth – and in our government, Dr Rufai will be responsible for ensuring that Nigerians have access to affordable and world class healthcare and translating that to economic growth.”

All supporters of the Take it Back movement and our great party, the African Action Congress will be excited by Dr Rufai’s choice. In Surveys, our members and supporters called for a Northern Vice-Presidential candidate, with integrity and an unbridled passion for national unity. Dr Rufai embodies all those qualities. We worked hard to find within one individual the many traits you told us were important and we are confident that Nigerians will find in Dr Rufai a man of integrity, intelligence and devotion to a nation that urgently needs our help.

We present to you our running mate and Nigeria’s next vice president, Dr. Rabiu Ahmed Rufai: exactly what the doctor ordered.

Dr Malcolm Fabiyi
DG TakeitBack Movement / Sowore 2019 Campaign.
Deputy National Chairman (Admin) AAC

Omoyele Sowore Emerges Victorious as the Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress

If ever there was a party created for defying the odds, it would be the African Action Congress. Borne from a Movement that continually defies the odds, the AAC party has grown from a dream to becoming a powerful force; an unstoppable force which today saw the emergence of Omoyele Sowore as its presidential candidate.

At a time when the old, corrupt parties have turned the political scene into a farce – slinging mud and accusations, distributing funds, and even resorting to violence, the AAC brought about a new dawn in Nigerian politics.

Other than a very modest budget for the transportation of members from the farther reaches of the country to the convention venue at Shangisha, Lagos, the proceedings remained untainted by the dirty money politics we have come to expect from Nigeria – a practice that continues to bring us nothing but deprivation and depletion as politicians work to recoup their ‘investment’ at the expense of Nigerians already stretched to the limit.

Instead, the AAC showed what a party primary should look like – an affirmation of the work done thus far; a celebration of the selfless men and women who have given their blood, sweat and tears to raise a political party manned by some of the most passionate Nigerians in the land; and a platform upon which to elect the presidential candidate for the party.

The highlights are too numerous to mention – the capacity crowd being held in a hall which the Convention Planning Committee had initially thought too large; impassioned speeches by political candidates for positions at every level of governance from across the country; and fervent comments by members of the disabled community who have found a welcoming home with the AAC party.

But perhaps the jewel on this formidable crown was the appearance and rousing speech given by Femi Falana (SAN). Urging Nigerians to rise to the challenge and take their country back, the distinguished advocate promised to represent any AAC candidate who might need legal representation PRO BONO.

The crowd thundered with applause and renewed vigour at the possibility of a Nigeria that could actually work for them.

The AAC continues to do what it set out to do: create a model for African politics and push the continent to greater independence and self-determination.

And with the fearless, tireless, and incorruptible Omoyele Sowore as its presidential candidate, the party is another step closer towards achieving its aim.

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR and Media
African Action Congress

Key Facts on Composition of Delegates & Election of Party Officers in AAC Party


1. State Chairman and Other State Officers
2. Five (5) Delegates from each ward of the LGA
3. Chairmen of LGA Executives of Party
4. National Officers of Party from the State

The quorum of the State Congress shall be one-third of all delegates, provided that not more than two-thirds of all the Local Government Areas are represented


1. About 1,782 persons are eligible to be delegates at the National Convention, comprising:
2. All members of NEC (120 persons) – Section 50
3. State Party Chairmen & Secretaries (74 persons)
4. Two (2) Delegates from each LGA (one Chairman and one delegate elected at LGA congresses) – 1,548 persons

The quorum of the National Convention shall be one-third of all delegates provided that not less than two-thirds of all the States of the Federation and Abuja are represented


1. The mode of elections of Party officers and other candidates for party or public positions must be conducted democratically with delegates voting for candidate of their choice and voting shall be by open secret ballot
2. Every registered and financially up-to-date member who has satisfied the requirements for nominations and elections under this Constitution and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is eligible to contest for any party office; provided that said officials of the party are also eligible to contest as long as they relinquish their posts before they contest such elections

Please consult the party constitution at: https://aacparty.org/african-action-congress-constitution/

Director of Elections & Monitoring
AAC Party

AAC Party: Deadline To Submit Aspirants Expressions of Interests And Nominations Forms

Dear Intending Aspirants,

As you know our party is approaching crucial times in the election process, the deadline for payment and forms submission is Wednesday 19th September 2018 as at this date the forms will no longer be available for filling or editing.

Sadly we couldn’t give further discounts as we hope for, the party is less than 2months old and needs every resource it can get. However we maintain the current discount for females and other exemption classes please learn more here. Further information will be communicated, the party thanks you for your understanding.

We will dedicate tomorrow Monday and Tuesday between 9am -5pm daily to help you complete the process. Please have your phones, filled documents and proof of payment close by.

Mean-while if you have successfully submitted, you can start preparing for the primaries, don’t forget to get your supporters  to register as members here https://aacparty.com/members/

Abiodun Thorpe
*Director, Digital & Data Analytics*
AAC Party

Chairman’s Update on Selection of Pro Tem Officers of the Party

Yesterday, the list of pro tem officers of the party was released. We congratulate all of the men and women who were named as the inaugural leaders of our party.

These men and women will have the singular task of driving the planning and implementation of the State Congresses and National Convention over the next few weeks. Given the scarcity of time and resources, they will require every support and cooperation that they can get. I implore all members of the #TakeItBack Movement and our party to provide them with all necessary support.

These are by definition, temporary positions. After the presidential primaries are completed at the national convention on October 6th, 2018 all accredited party members will have an opportunity to contest for any positions they have an interest in contesting for in the party National Executive Committee (NEC).

TakeItBack- Action!
AAC – Action!!

Yours in Service,

Omoyele Sowore
National Chairman AAC

AAC Party: Update on States’ Congress(es) and National Convention

Owing to rapidity of events and activities which has produced unintended outcomes in the last few days, it has become necessary that we make the following clarification, and urge members and aspirants to be guided going forward:

1. Advertised date for obtaining, and submission of Nomination Form thereafter are no longer tenable. Members and Aspirants please should take note that it is being extended till Sunday, September 16, 2018.

2. Date fixed for our party primaries, that is, States’ Congresses – Sept 22, 2018 and National Convention – Sept 26, 2018 respectively will still hold as planned, however, they will run through the Sept 22 to Sept 26, 2018.

This effectively means that the window dates between Sept 22 to Sept 26, 2018 will accommodate our States Congresses as well, if it is not completed in some states.

3. National Convention still holds on October 6th, as planned, venue to be disclosed

4. Details of the primaries will be announced before the end of this week, including the venues of the various Congresses across the country, the Congresses/Convention Committee(s) to undertake these assignment, and other information relating thereof.

5. Coordinators, without delay should reach across to aspirants contesting for various positions in their respective States, just as aspirants should do likewise (Abiodun Thorpe) should be reached immediately for this purpose.

6. Our Nomination Fees remain reasonable when compared to that of many political parties, however, owing to appeals and request to review our fees, aspirants with requisite qualification(s) are advised to get in touch with the undersigned without delay.

7. Finally, note that we are a new political party and these teething challenges are not uncommon. We are working to overcome them.

Leonard Nzenwa
National Secretary
African Action Congress


Consequent upon the meeting held today with ODIEC chairman Prof. Yomi Dinakin in preparation towards the forthcoming Local Govt Election, all aspirants are to take note of the following:

1. The Party Primaries will come up Thursday 13th Sept 2018

2. All members that are aspiring for elective positions are to make their intentions known through this platform and present a hard copy between now till Monday 10th Sept 2018.

3. The Nomination forms shall be issued to aspirants that have emerged.

We appeal to all aspirants to treat this as urgent. EXTREMELY URGENT.

For further enquiries, please call:
State Coordinator
Alex: 08038296101

Wale: 07068586664

AAC National Secretary

AAC Party: Approval For Nomination Fees/Exemption For Aspirants Contesting Under Our Party’s Banner

Our great party has finally given approval for all aspirants seeking to contest for various offices across the federation under the party’s banner to pay the following Nomination Fees:

(a) Ward Councillorship Aspirants – N20,000
(b) LGA chairman – N50,000
(c) House of Assembly Aspirants -N200,000
(d) House of Representative Aspirants -N300,000
(e) Senatorial Aspirants – N500,000
(f) Governorship Aspirants – N750,000; and
(g) Presidential Aspirants – N2,000,000.

Besides reducing fees for our women by twenty- five per cent (Women – 25% discount), the party, also in an effort to encourage other politically underprivileged groups in the society to partake fully in its activities, has also granted a waiver to the following categories:

1. Handicapped / disabled – no fees
2. Tertiary institution student – no fees
3. Less than 25 years – no fees
4. Artisans / apprentices under 25 – no fees,
5. Honourably discharged security personnel from police, military, civil defence, road safety – no fees
6. Serving or retired teachers, nurses and emergency service workers – no fees.

Aspirants across the country are advised to take advantage of the party’s gesture to collect the forms.

More information on this can be obtained from the party’s website:
Stage 1: https://aacparty.com/aac-aspirants/
Stage 2: https://aacparty.com/stage-2-aspirants-nomination-form/

Abiodun Thorpe
Director Data Analytics & Election Monitoring.
African Action Congress, AAC

African Action Congress: Who We Are

The African Action Congress is the first political party in Nigeria to be aligned with a progressive political movement.

Our goal is to work towards the establishment of transformational, accountable and exemplary leadership at all levels of governance in Nigeria – from the presidency, gubernatorial, senatorial and House of Representatives; to the state houses of assembly, local government and ward levels.

Our logo, two raised hands against the backdrop of a shining sun, evokes our dedication to unity, transparency and national development.

We will be the party that fulfils the decades long aspiration of the Nigerian people for prosperity and progress.

Our name makes abundantly clear, our awareness of Nigeria’s responsibilities to itself, to the African continent and to the black race.

A Nigeria that stands united and prosperous, will allow its people to reach their highest potentials, and bring progress, dignity and respect to black people all over the world.

We are a party of ideas and action. We are the party of Nigeria’s erstwhile silent majority, who have resolved to speak up and take back their nation and their destiny.

The African Action Congress is the party of those that have been deemed inconsequential. Our doors are open to all Nigerians -regardless of the names they bear, their financial status, gender, creed or ethnicity.

We are the African Action Congress.

We are the future!

Take it Back – Action!