We have noted COSON’s rejection of the APC and PDP manifestos, due to their disregard for the Nigerian creative sector and their rights. African Action Congress Party notes with great pleasure that Nigerians are starting to question and reject the plagiarized, empty promises being bandied about by President Buhari and Abubakar Atiku in the lead-up to the forthcoming elections.

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) have expressed their utter disappointment that both parties have released manifestos that lack plans to grow or develop the immense talent that exists in the Nigerian creative industry, or indeed any plans to empower the Nigerian youth to measure up to his counterparts in developed nations.

The AAC is not surprised at the disconnect between these parties and the people they hope to lead; we are well aware that neither have solid plans for addressing Nigeria’s issues.

The APC has catalogued three years of failing Nigeria’s young population, doing little to foster growth in any of the areas that are deemed crucial for being a world power. Digital economy has been left to the young, driven men and women to fund while our analogue leaders continue to focus on oil prices and self-enabling medical tourism. Music, film and fashion have continued to thrive within and outside of Nigeria despite the punitive hardships the APC, and the PDP before them, imposed on those sectors.

Similarly, Atiku has never expressed any interest or investment in ideas that can push Nigeria’s blossoming youth industries forward. None of his rhetoric has pointed towards cultural growth or empowerment for the youth and he has evidenced this in his manifesto.

There is a reason why the African Action Congress has risen to such prominence in the few short months since registration. Our manifesto is people oriented and we have the youth, culture, tourism and arts as critical aspects of our economic policy platform. We recognize the important role that culture, music, film and arts play in Nigerian life and grants and investment support is guaranteed for this sector in our platform.

Modern day industries such as technology, digital enterprise and big data are the future and the government must play an intrinsic role in supporting them if Nigeria is to have any place among the leading nations in the world. As indicated in our manifesto, our government will support the growth of these industries.

There is only one manifesto being presented to the Nigerian people with their interests at heart. In order for Nigeria to progress, we must harness the most valuable resource we have – the talent, creativity and hard work-ethic of Nigerians – and put it to use for the betterment of the nation.

We invite Nigerians to read our plans and programs for our people – the future is literally in our hands.

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR, Media and Communications
Take it Back Movement/African Action Congress Party