Our Government will work to end Nigeria’s Bicameral Legislative System – Omoyele Sowore

The 2023 Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) has condemned the bicameral legislative system that Nigeria currently operates, describing it as “wasteful”, especially as the present rulers of the country claim “there is no money”.

Omoyele Sowore further expressed that the legislative houses have turned to former governors’ retirement homes and have never been productive to the Nigerian people.

Speaking with Sulaimon on ‘The Discourse’, at Classic FM, Sowore said: “They have turned the Senate to the home of retired governors. The House of Reps has become the home of contractors. What they call oversight is pure extortion of the MDAs.”

“That is why I’m talking about the constitution; one of the things we should do in Nigeria is to reduce the number of legislators. We don’t need the bicameral legislative system. I don’t think we need a senate when nobody goes there to do something for the Nigerian people; they only go there to get paid twice in cases where some are former governors.”

Sowore also said that he prefers Nigeria to operate the unicameral legislative system and have regional assemblies if Nigerians want. On the final, Sowore said this is among the many programs bundled in his restructuring plan.


PC: Fedora