Nigeria Needs A Leader Who Understands The Importance Of Human Lives: Sowore

AAC presidential candidate, speaking on security at the NBA conference with other presidential candidates said that Nigerians need a leader that understands the importance of human lives.

“We have not gotten to a point where Nigerian leaders understand security. Human security is the first security that should be encouraged. You cannot crush one hundred and thirty three million people into multidimensional poverty and expect the country to be secured, it wont work. What Nigeria needs is a leader who understands the importance of human lives.

Mr Sowore further said to solve security problems, nigerians must understand fundamentally what the Nigerian security architecture is all about.
“The Nigerian security system is not meant for nigerians. Nigeria’s security system is for the elites, those in power. Nigeria’s security system therefore operates what is known as a police state.
“All our policemen, investment recruitments in the judiciary are meant to protect those who are in charge of nigeria.

He said in Abuja, they are less policemen at checkpoints and more at the Nigerian rulers’ houses.

The presidential candidate said for Nigerians to be secured, nigerians must vote without sentiments. “For us to get a Nigerian security for the Nigerian people, the Nigerian people must be able to vote for a Nigerian leader because, any leader that is voted for religious reasons is going to be the leader for the religious movement. Any leader that is voted on ethnic basis can only represent his ethnic concern. Any leader that is voted on the basis of any primordial sentiment will only represent that primordial sentiment and that is why Nigeria is where it is today.