Nigeria Needs A Leader Who Understands The Importance Of Human Lives: Sowore

AAC presidential candidate, speaking on security at the NBA conference with other presidential candidates said that Nigerians need a leader that understands the importance of human lives.

“We have not gotten to a point where Nigerian leaders understand security. Human security is the first security that should be encouraged. You cannot crush one hundred and thirty three million people into multidimensional poverty and expect the country to be secured, it wont work. What Nigeria needs is a leader who understands the importance of human lives.

Mr Sowore further said to solve security problems, nigerians must understand fundamentally what the Nigerian security architecture is all about.
“The Nigerian security system is not meant for nigerians. Nigeria’s security system is for the elites, those in power. Nigeria’s security system therefore operates what is known as a police state.
“All our policemen, investment recruitments in the judiciary are meant to protect those who are in charge of nigeria.

He said in Abuja, they are less policemen at checkpoints and more at the Nigerian rulers’ houses.

The presidential candidate said for Nigerians to be secured, nigerians must vote without sentiments. “For us to get a Nigerian security for the Nigerian people, the Nigerian people must be able to vote for a Nigerian leader because, any leader that is voted for religious reasons is going to be the leader for the religious movement. Any leader that is voted on ethnic basis can only represent his ethnic concern. Any leader that is voted on the basis of any primordial sentiment will only represent that primordial sentiment and that is why Nigeria is where it is today.

Only Sowore Has A Manifesto That Addresses Administration Of Justice: Former Justice Commissioner

Wale Fapohunda, the former commissioner of justice in Ekiti state has said that the presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore’s manifesto is the only manifesto that addresses administration of justice, out of other presidential candidates’ manifestos.

The former commissioner of justice made this statement at the ongoing NBA dialogue with Presidential Candidates

“I have looked at the manifestos of the Presidential candidates, only ⁦Omoyele Sowore has a manifesto that addressed administration of justice, he said.”

Sowore Attends NBA Dialogue, Challenges Prosecutor Who Charged Him For Treasonable Felony

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore attended a meeting between the Nigerian Bar Association and other presidential candidates in Abuja today. The human rights activist came across the prosecutor that unjustly tried him for a treasonable felony and told him there was never a case in the first place when asked by the prosecutor how far the case had gone.

He took to his Facebook and posted, “Today at the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) #NBASTATEOFTHENATION dialogue with Presidential candidates in Abuja, I ran into the prosecutor hired by the Muhammadu Buhari to try me for “Treasonable Felony” Mallam Hasan Liman (SAN), he asked “how far with your case” and I told him there was never a case against me in the first place. Today, he’s come to represent Emilokan at the conference. Mr. Lomas abandoned my case after an embarrassing abduction of my person in the Federal High Court. As I always stated: “One Day the Tables Will Turn” #WeCantContinueLikeThis”.

Omoyele Sowore was arrested on the 3rd of August, 2019 for planning a protest tagged “Revolution Now!” and was released after 5 months in detention at Abuja. He was thereafter restricted to Abuja, (City arrest) for more than 3 years.

As of the time of filing this report, the presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore is still restricted to Nigeria, passport seized and unable to travel out of the country.

Let new people govern this country: sowore

The presidential candidate of african action congress (AAC) Omoyele Sowore, in a radio program with jordan fm has urged Nigerians to let new people with new ideas govern Nigeria.

Giving his thoughts about tourism in Nigeria he said there is no maintenance culture.
“We will maintain what has existed and create access to what has not.
He gave ideas on how to develop more tourist centers that would attract people to visit in nigeria.

Addressing the question on what he would do during his first two years in office, he said he will spend the first two years to ensure there is uninterrupted power supply and he’ll invest heavily in a number of opportunities that have presented themselves by technology to bring power/electricity, ensure security for the people and invest adequately in education.
On education, he said he will not be a president who allows ASUU to go on strike.
On electricity, he said if electricity is taken care of, the GDP of the country will astronomically rise, job opportunities would increase and crime rate will reduce. “There can’t be peace with no development and no development without investing in people, he said.”

Speaking on his present alliance, he said the PRP is taking charge of his campaign in the northwest and northeastern part of the country.

Sowore advised Nigerians to get rid of the sentiments that the same people should have the only right to govern them. “Let new people govern this country. Let a new generation take over. Remove the analog leaders and put digital leaders in place, he said.”

Sowore: Kanu Is A Political Prisoner, He Will Be Released Unconditionally

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has said Kanu is a political prisoner as far as he’s concerned, and he will be released unconditionally. The human right activist and said during a live show with AY comedian.

“I am not the only one who feels this way. Our court has taken a judicial decision that Kanu has no case to answer, we just need a leader that respects the rule of law,” Sowore said.

Addressing the issue of corruption, he said he’s the only presidential candidate who has fought corruption on his own. “I have fought corruption singlehandedly and it will continue when I become president, but punishment is not enough, we must prevent corruption by putting padlock on our treasury through blockchain technology and E currency, he said”.

Comrade Sowore debunked the romuor which has created negative impression that he ever jubilated when Buhari emerged as the president. He said it was completely false.
“When the PDP lost out, the looks for someone to blame for their 16years of failure.

He mainted that he posted the said video, which captured the meet and greet with his fans by himself as a journalist on Sahara TV.
“I’ve never worked for Buhari or anybody, I work for myself, he proclaimed.

He also mentioned that he stood behind MKO Abiola not because he worked for him during the election but because of the injustices he (Abiola) faced after the annulment of the election.

Addressing the question on devolution of power, he said he’d set up a new constitution that addresses everything the current constitution doesn’t give room for. Sowore described the Nigerian constitution as illegal and problematic.

Fielding the question of visiting the former presidents of general, Sowore said he doesn’t genuflect on the altars of fallen gods. He said unlike other presidential candidates, he have no godfather and he won’t go to any ex presidents for endorsement.

The presidential candidate promised to to ensure the ‘special’ people gets special health insurance, stipends and free medication.
“I will propose a brand new law that is wholeheartedly incorporating your rights to exist in this society despite your special condition, monthly stipends that is institutionalized, he said.”

Omoyele Sowore thereby urged AY Comedian to also invite all other presidential candidates who have brilliant ideas to share with the people, saying the old ones in APC and PDP has nothing to offer.

I am a mainstreet political candidate, I speak to the street: Sowore

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Comrade Omoyele Sowore has said in an interview with Arise tv that he is not a mainstream political candidate, but a mainstreet political candidate.

“I am not a mainstream political candidate, I am a mainstreet political candidate. I talk to the street and I know how people feel. I carry a lot of anger, righteous anger against the way this country is governed, he said.”

He revealed he purposely turn up for events like that ‘peace meeting’ to make his voice heard and reflect the position of the Nigerian people.

The human rights activist said if the election is free and fair, he would defeat the so called frontliners.

Speaking on health, he said he challenged the presidential candidates of other parties to a marathon race because he believes one must be healthily wise to pilot the affairs of the nation.

He said health has become a major conversation around election because some presidential candidates looks sick.

“It’s a challenge. The people who want to govern a sick country should be able to do healthy things.

“Nigerian cannot afford an unhealthy president because the country is unhealthy. We need someone who is agile, able and not incapable, he said.”

AAC Denounces Rumored Alliance With Labour Party, Says AAC Not In Alliance With Any Party In Abia State

The African Action Congress Abia Chapter has issued a disclaimer disassociating the party from the rumored alliance with the Labour party in the state.

The court of appeal and federal high court has given a final verdict and declared Mr Omoyele Sowore as the Party chairman on thursday 2nd of June 2022, against the party usurpers.

The statement proceeded to dissociate the party from activities of certain state sponsored usurpers who had long been shown the way out of the party by legitimate organs of the African Action Congress.

The disclaimer released from the office of the Abia State chairman and duly signed by the state’s secretary says:
“The State Executive Committee of the African Action Congress inform
the general public once again about the judgment of the Court of Appeal on
Thursday 2nd of June 2020 and the judgment of Federal High Court,
Abuja on 5th December 2022 removing the IMPOSTORS led by Mr.
Leonard Nzenwa and his co-travelers.
Delivering the Judgment on behalf of the three man panel of the Appeal
Court Justice AJ. Adah held the expulsion of Mr. Leonard Nzenwa, Mr.
Charles Orji and co from our party, the AAC.

The party’s authentic National Chairman is Comrade Omoyele Sowore who
is the Presidential candidate of the party. The party’s National Secretary is
Comrade Ina Okopi-Agu as affirmed by the Court of Appeal.
The present and authentic Abia State Chairman for African Action Congress
is Comrade Azumaibe Kelechiukwu.
Mr. Leonard Nzenwa who is still criminally parading himself as the national
Chair of the party, Mr. Charles Orji criminally parading himself as the Abia
State chairman of African Action Congress and co are nothing but
IMPOSTORSas declared by Court of Appeal on the 2nd of June 2022 and the
judgement of Federal High Court, Abuja on 5th December, 2022.

It is absolute falsehood and in deed disingenuous, the propaganda being
sponsored by these sunken men that Abia State Governorship candidate of
African Action Congress (AAC) Chief Bond Ohuche has endorsed Mr. Alex
Otti of Labour Party. This is a deception, media manipulation and an
infantile attempt to create a hoax by the enemies of Abia.
African Action Congress (AAC) is the only Revolutionary Party in this
race which has the ideology capable of redeeming Abia State in particular and
Nigeria at large from the hands of the oppressors and their hirelings hiding in
various parties as change agents.

Our formidable candidate in Abia, Chief Bond Ohuche is the only credible
alternative and we urge Ndi Abia to massively vote for him and AAC
across board.
We therefore warn the general public to be alert so as to avoid the dangers of
dealing with Political IDPs masquerading as AAC officials.
African Action Congress (AAC) is not in Alliance with Labour Party or any
other party in the state.

Our Goal Is To Develop The Capacity To Feed Ourselves, And The Continent Of Africa: Sowore

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Mr. Omoyele sowore has said that his goal, and that of his party is to have the capacity to feed ourselves as a country and feed the continent of Africa. Speaking at the Party’s People’s Assembly in Benue, the AAC flag bearer said ” Our goal, and that of our party, the African Action Congress is to develop the capacity to feed ourselves as a country as well as the continent of Africa, and we are going to focus on Benue state as one of the sources of this particular policy”.

Mr Omoyele sowore promised education, healthcare, justices, infrastructures and better welfare for the people of Benue state and Nigeria at large.

He also said AAC is an equal opportunity party. He mentioned this while commending the Benue (AAC) deputy governorship candidate at the people’s assembly in Makurdi.

He said, “Our party is an equal opportunity party and our position is that women should not only be playing second field with men because they are stronger than men. They create, recreate, establish, authority over men from time to time.
“In this dispensation, there have been more women registered voters in nigeria history, ever. About forty seven percent of them are registered to vote. That is to say if they convince their loved ones to vote for a female president, Nigeria can produce a female president even in 2023. I am not one of those who do pity parties for women; let’s give them 35 percent.
If you are forty seven percent of the voters, take forty seven percent.

He said in Rwanda, almost seventy five percent of their lawmakers are females. And that country is doing well in africa today. He said men should be ashamed of themselves in nigeria.
“We exact authority all the time but look at the country ruled by men. Let’s try women next time.

He also said nigerians are tired of the old system of governance.
“Nigerians are tired of hunger, starvation and strikes. Nigeria is the only country in the world that is not at war but has got internally displaced persons inside the country. Nigeria leaders are disgracing nigeria. And by reputation, Nigeria is letting down a lot of African citizens and countries.

He said at a time in this country, the people who were running Nigeria were in their twenties. Nigeria is therefore not making progress if in 2023 the likely president of Nigeria is 95 years old.

“I have no problem with old people, I only have problems with old ideas because Old ideas have set Nigeria back by centuries. For how long shall we continue like this? it is impossible for this country to make progress with the present crop of leaders and presidential candidates contesting. He said the labour party is the overflow of PDP. Same people, same character, same operators who were packaged to look different.


My name is Omoyele sowore. I am the presidential candidate of the action congress, and i am going to be the nigerian president after february 2023.

I want to say here and it’s very important to me that I observed one of the most peaceful elections in 1993. Had we allowed that election to stand, we would not be signing a peace agreement today because that you are signing a peace agreement in nigeria shows that elections have become war in nigeria.

This is the only country in the world where you sign a peace agreement during an election season as if we are at war, but that is what our elders did to nigeria and i think next time we should sign a peace agreement with the elders who are instigating violence in this country or have them sign peace agreement between themselves, because peace is not breached by poor people, poor people suffer the consequences of violence.

When you look at elections, the people that suffer the most are those poor women and men and when there is a breakdown of law and order in Nigeria, every richman politically connected gets enough police protection and they are able to get on a jet and leave Nigeria at the slightest provocation.

This is where we are, and I should also say that some of the people that are instigators of violence during the election are not in this hall. They are the versatile representatives of some of the men and women in this hall. There state governors in particular, you need to get them to sign a peace accord.

Some of them are the most violent and violence people in nigeria. They demonstrated it in Kogi state. A woman was burnt alive in her house and till today, the killers of that woman has not been fished out in nigeria. In Kano, there is someone campaigning that if they don’t win the election, they will kill everybody in kano. In Borno state it is the same thing. Lagos, where the APC hosts were, you cannot paste a poster if it’s not bola ahmed asiwaju poster in lagos, i just came back from lagos.

They have a team that tears anybody’s poster that is not their candidate’s poster. You cannot even pay for your poster or banner to be hosted in lagos. They have a bureaucracy in place that makes it impossible for you to do.

How can there be peace in a country where there is no justice? We keep lying to ourselves all the time. I also want to say for the rest of us as you’ve treated us today because we don’t have resources and we don’t have powerful connections, we don’t have access to state resources. Most of the other candidates use and abuse state resources, they have governors who dip their hands into state treasury and use them to fund their candidates activity and nobody is challenging them.

Once in a while, when they want to tickle your fancy, the EFCC comes around to play at the playground of the political parties. Two political parties are particularly notorious for this. They buy votes at their primaries and in the final election.

How do you compete with these people if elections are supposed to be about justice and bringing about great leadership and bringing about peace and developments. How do great people win elections in a country where terrible people control all the resources of your country? That’s another issue for another day.

>The other part is the media, and I should say this because I am a media practitioner too. They have short several of us out. Also i will accuse the media of bola ahmed tinubu, they have never interviewed me in this election, that is the TVC news. They have blacklisted some of us. But they are supposed to be a public media that should attend to everybody.

>Security agencies have allegiance and loyalty to just a few people, that is the truth. I was almost ran out of the road in ibadan just yesterday because atiku was in ibadan to campaign and i was also there to campaign but i had one car, atiku had over forty. i had no police, atiku had over five hundred policemen attached to him.

I will say finally that nobody should lose hope in this hall, especially those of us at the receiving end of the injustices in this country. One day, the table would turn! Thank you very much.

Amidst Loud Cheers, Sowore arrives Makurdi For A People’s Assembly In Benue.

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore was welcomed by a mammoth crowd in Makurdi today ahead of a campaign event in the state tagged ” A People’s Assembly” scheduled to hold tomorrow at the state capital.
In his welcome address he said, “We are very happy to be in the midst of the people of Benue states who are warriors themselves. We are freedom fighters and we have come here to bring about revolutionary change in nigeria. He said he noted on his way to makurdi that benue needs rejuvenation.
“Benue needs peace and development and Nigeria also is in need of development and prosperity and we are the only ones who can deliver it to you,” he said.
He threw a jab at his opponent who fell asleep during a peace meeting. He said, “ At this time, Nigeria needs a doctor. Leaders who are not corrupt. Leaders who are transparent, Leaders that can provide basic public services not an old and sick man. We have had too many wicked leaders in this country. He said if the accountant general could embezzle billions of naira, that means there is enough money to fund public services in the country.
He thanked his supporters for welcoming him in their numbers