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Our Government will work to end Nigeria’s Bicameral Legislative System – Omoyele Sowore

The 2023 Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) has condemned the bicameral legislative system that Nigeria currently operates, describing it as “wasteful”, especially as the present rulers of the country claim “there is no money”.

Omoyele Sowore further expressed that the legislative houses have turned to former governors’ retirement homes and have never been productive to the Nigerian people.

Speaking with Sulaimon on ‘The Discourse’, at Classic FM, Sowore said: “They have turned the Senate to the home of retired governors. The House of Reps has become the home of contractors. What they call oversight is pure extortion of the MDAs.”

“That is why I’m talking about the constitution; one of the things we should do in Nigeria is to reduce the number of legislators. We don’t need the bicameral legislative system. I don’t think we need a senate when nobody goes there to do something for the Nigerian people; they only go there to get paid twice in cases where some are former governors.”

Sowore also said that he prefers Nigeria to operate the unicameral legislative system and have regional assemblies if Nigerians want. On the final, Sowore said this is among the many programs bundled in his restructuring plan.


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My Alliance is With The Oppressed Only- Sowore

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has openly declared the forces he aligns with: the oppressed Nigerians.

Sowore, when asked about forging political alliances for the 2023 election by Rufai Oseni on VOP FM, said that he was not interested in forging an alliance with the oppressors of the Nigerian people.

“I already have an alliance with the oppressed already, I can’t form an alliance with an oppressor. We are also talking to other pro-people organizations with ideas that align with ours”.

“Peter Obi has been part of PDP, the party that destroyed this country for 16 years”

“Look at the People supporting him; they are the destroyers of this country; the likes of Obasanjo and Babaginda.”

Omoyele Sowore joins the 2023 presidential election for the second time after first contesting in the 2019 general elections.

Sowore promises to generate 24 thousand megawatts of electricity in four years if elected president

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has promised to generate 24 thousand megawatts of electricity in four years if he is elected the next president of Nigeria.

The publisher of Sahara Reporters made this promise while responding to questions from LAW FM103.9 during the program POWER CORRIDOR.

The politician noted that his government will explore alternative means such as gas and hydro to generate consistent power for the country.

Sowore said he has the mission and vision of developing the power sector by employing the service of technicians who will revolutionize the electricity sector and transfer their skill set to local Nigerians.

“I Can’t Be Jealous of Peter Obi”, Sowore Replies Critics

Omoyele Sowore has come out to dismiss claims making rounds – especially on the internet – that he is jealous of the traction Peter Obi is getting on social media. In an interview with Wazobia TV, Sowore claimed he had no reason to envy the labour party presidential candidate, stating on air how he was instrumental to his emergence at the LP party primaries.

The AAC Presidential candidate told journalists on Tuesday that He granted a Labour party legal team access to documents of a case decided in his favour, which they used to fight the intra-party litigation that emerged Obi as the party’s lawful Presidential Candidate
“We are talking about challenging people’s antecedents while you are here trying to divert public attention from a real socio-political issue. How will I be jealous of someone who I help? When Obasanjo, through Andy Uba, flushed out Peter Obi as governor of Anambra in 2006, and the latter became governor for 14 days, I reported against the story till the court reinstated Obi. How would I be jealous of a person I have been helping as far back?” – Sowore further disclosed.

Sowore had recently visited Lagos since the government arrested him for calling for a revolution in 2019 and confined him to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Although an appeal at the higher court now has the restriction order upturned and even declared excessive, the activist remains restricted within the nation’s border.